Dev Diary

Dev Diary: Started creating the music. It was really hard to make the transition from all the coding and game's logic to the artistic side of the project - GFX and music. Been a long time since I made some music and it was kinda difficult getting back to this world. After few struggles, I managed to create most of the background tunes. At the beginning it was painful but I got back into it. Plus, I feel I'm better now with music theory (such as scales and stuff) thanks to the work I put into this. It's funny, in the past I had really hard time understanding music theory, especially scales. But now, after a day or two I managed to understand it pretty easily. This has happened to me before with other stuff in life. I remember I have been trying to learn computers networking and I didn't manage to get it at all, even after tons of reading. Few years later I was thinking about that subject and suddenly, it became so clear to me - in just a few moments. Our brain is such a mysterious machine.

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